Why Organic Food?


1. Your own and future generations will enjoy a healthier lifestyle
By buying organic products, you essentially encourage farmers and businesses to produce them.

2. You can be sure that the costs of ‘real food’ are not hidden by costs of chemicals
When pricing the food and products, all the expenses in making the foods go into consideration. Pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals that are used on conventional crops, may make your food not only a health hazard but more expensive as well.

3. An organic guarantee is a guarantee for life
Organic producers commit to purer and higher quality products and food. Their processes are monitored thorough to make sure the standards are met.

4. The water we drink, and our animals and pets drink, will be clearer and purer
Farms and corporations like Monsanto, use chemicals to grow the crops. During rain or storms, these chemicals sometimes run off into nearby sewers, rivers, lakes, and farms. Thus polluting and poisoning our environment and us.

5. You can really TASTE organic food and its better for you!
Imitations are never as good as the real thing. Raw organic food will always be more delicious and better for your health.

6. Your plates don’t become edible chemistry sets
Many foods today contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. GMOs have not been thoroughly tested and have been linked to many health issues. By consuming these products, you are essentially volunteering to be a lab test animal.

7. Organic food production helps reduce global warming, as it uses less energy
The conventional way of growing our organic food does not use fancy equipment or complicated processes. In general organic food production will use less energy and thus help save our environment.

8. Less chemical fertilizers and pesticides reduce harmful soil erosion
Fertilizers and pesticides can contribute with soil erosion. Due to human activity, these unnatural processes destroy top soil faster than we can replace it.

9. Buying organic means helping organic farmers
Organic farmers are being pushed out of the business, and they are becoming very rare. By buying organic products you can support these organic farmers. As our demand for organic food increases, so will the number of organic farmers.

10. Biodiversity is enhanced
Organic farming increases the fertility and quality of soil. In turn, this increases biodiversity among plant and animal life. Farms which use chemicals actually contribute to the extinction and decline of many species, due to the fact that they are toxic. Organic farming enriches our natural world.