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Plants also need love. They can’t express their feelings but if you take proper care they will bloom,” The Future Is Organic farming only”



Learning how and why to grow your some of your own organic food and the reasons why that is important for you, your family and society.



By buying organic products, you essentially encourage farmers and businesses to produce them.


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An organic guarantee is a guarantee for life

Why Organic Food

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Our Vision

To promote organic food system which is always good for health and Environment.

Our Mission

To conduct and convene credible, evidence-based science on the environmental and health effects of organic food and farming and communicate the findings to the public and farmers.

We will achieve our mission through: Education and research on sustainable organic food and farming to improve the health of humans and the environment.

Our Goal

To provide sales channels to rural farmers, women’s groups who make high quality products, which are Eco friendly and Organic in nature. By sourcing only Organic, Natural and Eco Friendly products, we are trying to give our bit to save our environment for our next generation and at the same time helping people lead a healthy life.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic Farming is done without use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, toxic substances and fertilizers. It recognises the qualities within nature that allow things to grow and work with them. The seeds are indigenous and not genetically modified and thus they are nutritious and resistant to diseases. In this, farmers feed the soil with organic and green manure without relying on chemicals.

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Benefits of organic food

Switch to organic practices will slowly recreate an environment that is in sync with nature.

An organic diet excludes toxic chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Conventional crops have high amount of toxins and thus may create serious health problems.

Wicker basket with assorted organic vegetables and fruits isolated on white

Organic food contains higher levels of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants than conventional farm food grown with the help of fertilisers.

The constant checks made on certified organic food and use of composted manure also reduce the chances of various diseases like cancer, brain damage or infant abnormalities.

Health Benefits of Organic Food

Lots of tasty vegetables which often taste many times better than the aged artificially ripened vegetables at supermarkets. Gardening can bring people together building community, can increase your connection with the land and provide a relaxing, almost meditative pastime Kids will eat the healthy food they grow – FACT!
In your garden food is 100% fresh, and if planned well will always have food for you – unlike your fridge where vegetables tend to droop and eventually go off.Gardening will keep you active and out in the fresh air!

Happy Gardening

Gardening is becoming more and more of a necessity now a days than just a hobby. Due to climatic changes and ecological imbalance created due to high rise buildings it is all the more necessary to plant trees and shrubs to maintain the balance in the environment. How can we do our part?
By making a small window garden or window box and planting simple and easy growing plants, will help you to improve your environment, as well as give the psychological satisfaction of doing your part for the environment.

Herbal Plantation

Herb gardening is among one of the oldest types of gardening, and has recently become popular in home gardening. Why not? Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow!
Today, herbs are often classified according to their use as either culinary, medicinal, aromatic, ornamental, or household/industrial.